Football Trading System Review -- Can FTS 2007 Really Make 200, 000 Every year?

Have you heard of the Football Trading System 2007? It is one of the most popular sports trading systems on the web. Before buying the system, I already knew what sports trading was all about. But knowing what it is and how to achieve success at football trading is a different matter altogether.
Football trading is one of the safest forms of sports trading in the bets transactions. Unlike the majority of sports, you can start trading on a football match just before the kickoff time, and settle the trade between one or two hours after kickoff. Trading other sports, for example golf, may take a week which causes the area complete the trade.
Despite having a good understanding of football trading, I was not successful in making money with it. I have bought trading guides before, but they are so outdated now that it is almost impossible to find the situations that the guides describe in real life anymore.
When i first saw the Football Trading System 2007 website, I felt that it could be another football trading guide that was not going to work. The website did not seem like the most professional one, and the author, Ian, does not talk much about the manual in his website at all. All that I saw was him describing how it can make you money, how it can buy which you house or a car etc. But Ian maintains a blog and regularly updates his subscribers with the latest recommendations through ufa168 email, so i bought the FTS, hoping that it is authentic.
The first thing you will realize after reading the first few chapters of Football Trading System is that it does not involve playing at all. The machine can be used with the Betfair live bets website, and doesn't need to be supported by trading software. But you must be sure that you are able to keep track of live scores while trading. Ian shows you a website where you can watch live scores in the FTS manual.
After the introduction, the writer then lies the machine out step by step. The Football Trading System has many conditions, and is not easily understood unless you read it over a couple of times. When i took the machine and applied on the day's matches, and were left with a £147 profit! The machine will lose some matches occasionally, about 5% of that time period.
Ian always emails all his customers regarding which matches should be traded in. I have been solely relying on his email for match selections. So far, I have been using the system approximately 3 months now and the results are good. I have only ever had one day where I made losses, whereas on other days it has been producing consistent profit. If you want to use the FTS, I recommend you merely trade on matches that Ian trades on.